Do I need to wash my face in the morning?

Do I need to wash my face in the morning?

I didn't wash my face this morning, nor did I on Tuesday, or even on Monday.
It felt strange to start with, as I’m someone who has religiously used cleanser in the morning for the past thirty years or so. To clarify, I did splash it with water and use a face cloth for a once over. A freshen up if you will.

My cleanser is running low and so on Monday the non-washing came from sheer laziness. I couldn't squeeze any more cleanser out of the tube without cutting it open. And I don't happen to keep a pair of scissors in the shower.
I do a thorough double cleanse in the evening to remove my sunscreen, makeup and pollutey city detritus so my skin is generally pretty clean upon waking. So, I thought, why not just do an H2O splash.

I'm hoping to eek my remaining cleanser out until June because every dollar counts right, which explains Tuesday. And my skin still didn't protest. As the temps drop and my HRT kicks in, I'm waking up in a pool of sweat less and less and feel that cleansing in the morning is no longer a necessity.

The above is my trademarked roundabout way to answer a question we're often asked: "do I need to wash my face in the morning when all I've been doing is sleeping?".

The easy answer is no, you don't need to. Save some coin and go forth with water.

You might want to if:
- you have super oily skin (but keep it to twice a week if you can handle that)
- you live somewhere humid or are travelling in a hot/humid climate
- night sweats! Whether caused by perimenopause, or overindulgence in cheese and/or meat

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