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Neon Neroli Eau de Parfum

Neon Neroli Eau de Parfum

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Neon Neroli captures the crisp, fresh notes of neroli, orange flower and bergamot, complemented by white floral undertones. Inspired by La Fontelina and seaside lounging in Capri, this nostalgic scent will transport you to the warmth and vibrancy of an Italian summer. 


Ethanol (organic sugarcane alcohol); Methyl Anthranilate (pine oil); Neroli Oil; Orange Flower Extract; Orange Oil; Petitgrain Oil;
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol (soya bean); Triethyl Citrate (sugarcane); Vanillin Natural; Vetiver Oil;
Ylang Ylang Oil; Benzyl Acetate (cinnamomun cassia); Bergamot Oil; Coumarin (cassia oil);
Ethyl Acetoacetate (sugarbeet); Geraniol (palmarosa oil); Linalool L (cinnamomum camphora);
Mandarin Oil

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